Bonds & Surety


The AssuredPartners MCM Surety team is a leader in pioneering unique Commercial and Contract Surety programs.  Our team of professionals takes ownership and accountability in proactively placing and managing surety solutions for private, public and internationally owned firms.  We can assist you not only with surety placement, but can also provide a confidential second opinion without interrupting your existing relationship.


  • Valuable Advice: 
    Risk mitigation strategies, document review, confirmation of financing, joint venture formation, benchmarking, new market penetration, and bond claim resolution.
  • Expertise: 
    Technical acumen to design a surety program and simultaneously leverage our relationships with surety carriers to secure the best program available.
  • Technical Analysis: 
    Counsel on strategies to increase your bonding program and advice in negotiating surety rates and indemnity requirements.
  • Dedicated Management: 
    Continuous evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your surety, and implementation of strategies to overcome and/or avoid issues with your underwriter.
  • Industry Connections: 
    Relationships with many specialty sureties to produce creative solutions and unique opportunities for our clients.
  • Responsiveness: 
    Same day delivery of bid and performance bonds.

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bonds & surety