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By Kim Robson, 11/19/2019
A recent liability actuarial report forecasts the liability loss rate for long-term care facilities will continue to increase by 5% with claim frequency driving the increase at an expected 2% growth rate. The conclusion this year is the annual cost to defend, settle or litigate claims will decrease –...

By Greg Hiser, 11/18/2019
Nothing can compare with the excitement created by the sound of several WWII vintage aircraft approaching for a fly by. Then, to be able to look up and see the formation as it would have appeared 75 years ago is certainly inspiring and cause for reflection and thanks. It is also cause, if you are an insurance...


Registering for the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

After years in development, the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is up and running.  The Clearinghouse will track the results of drug and alcohol tests for all commercial drivers.  

Currently, Motor Carriers are required to perform Former Employer Background Inquiries (including drug and alcohol history) within 30 days of hiring a Commercial Driver.  Essentially, as long as a new hire passes a pre-employment drug screening, they can begin driving (performing Safety Sensitive Functions) immediately.

With the Clearinghouse, potential employers need to have the Full Query back, and in-hand, before a new driver can perform safety sensitive functions (i.e. drive).

Beginning on January 6, 2020, all pre-employment queries will need to go through the Clearinghouse.  Remember, Motor Carriers are required to register, drivers are not.  However, if a driver wishes to apply to a new employer, is requested to do so by their current Motor Carrier, or if they want to view their own Clearinghouse record, they will need to register online.

The FMCSA released the following step-by-step guides for registering:

Make sure your team is registered and ready by clicking here.  AssuredPartners Transportation is dedicated to staying on top of important information affecting our industry.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about compliance with industry regulations, contact the AssuredPartners Transportation Team.