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By Kim Robson, 11/19/2019
A recent liability actuarial report forecasts the liability loss rate for long-term care facilities will continue to increase by 5% with claim frequency driving the increase at an expected 2% growth rate. The conclusion this year is the annual cost to defend, settle or litigate claims will decrease –...

By Greg Hiser, 11/18/2019
Nothing can compare with the excitement created by the sound of several WWII vintage aircraft approaching for a fly by. Then, to be able to look up and see the formation as it would have appeared 75 years ago is certainly inspiring and cause for reflection and thanks. It is also cause, if you are an insurance...


Fire Prevention Week: Plan and Practice Your Escape

It’s Fire Prevention Week, which means it is time to educate and learn the small, but crucial, actions that can keep you and the others around you safe. The theme for this year is, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!” Many people are unaware of the lack of time they have to escape a fire safely, so it’s very important to create an escape plan for your staff and residents and practice it in case of a fire.

The National Fire Protection Association has created a website that includes an array of tools that not only educates, but guides, the development of an evacuation plan. The tips they offer will not only decrease the risk of a fire but will prepare you and your residents in case a fire occurs.  Having a documented emergency plan in place that is practiced on a regular basis with your staff and residents is key to everyone’s safety.  Elements that should be addressed in that plan include:

  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Resident Safety and Transportation
  • Communication with Residents, Families of Residents, Staff, Emergency Personnel, Board of Directors, Media
  • Physical Plant/Facility Considerations
  • Utility Shutoff Protocols for Water, Gas and Electric Services
    •  Temporary Repair/Damage Remediation Protocol
    • Permanent Repair/Rebuild Protocol
  • Emergency Supplies: Food, Water, Medical equipment, Medications
  • Protecting Electronic and Paper Medical Records

Communication is vital to any emergency plan. Whether developing or reviewing your emergency and evacuation plan, consider a partnership with a firm that will respond timely should your community need assistance.  When planning, understand that in any healthcare facility, everything ranging from resident safety to insurance claims needs to be considered.  

At AssuredPartners, we have close ties with national firms that are available to help you plan and can be there to respond at any time. They have the necessary resources available to provide valuable assistance that range from pre-planning to emergency temporary repairs to completion of repairs.  These firms have extensive experience and knowledge working with healthcare centers and insurance carriers to document and repair any damage. These companies can provide assistance with emergency planning for your community.  To learn more, contact the AssuredPartners Senior Living team.  

Source: National Fire Protection Association