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Top 10 Reasons for Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents

Recent accidents caused by driver fatigue have led many to scrutinize the trucking industry.  In 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) released a key statement about large vehicle collisions on American highways.  It said:

“In recent years, the public has generally associated the problem of fatigue on American highways with collisions of large trucks and buses. However, studies show fatigue isn’t even among the top five causes of truck crashes. In fact, four-wheel drivers tend to be more fatigued, more often than commercial drivers. Four-wheel motorists are responsible for the majority of accidents involving trucks.”

In fact, the top ten causes of accidents involving commercial motor vehicles, according to the FMCSA and several large law firms that specialize in transportation, are as follows:

1.    Illegal Drug Use (26%)
2.    Speeding (23%)
3.    Unfamiliar Territory (22%)
4.    Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications (18%)
5.    Failure to Check Blind Spots (14%)
6.    Driver Fatigue (13%)
7.    Failing to Signal a Turn (9%)
8.    Distracted Driving (8%)
9.    Negligent Driving (such as underestimating distance between two vehicles) (7%)
10.  Aggressive Driving / Road Rage (7%)

This reinforces why quality driver training is needed.  It is extremely important that a company create a safety program for all their employees to avoid these incidents.  To begin, companies should look at what type of safety training they provide to their drivers and if they can do more. Training and educating your drivers on safe driving techniques is the key to lowering the risks of a major incident from happening.   For assistance with driver training and safety programs, contact the AssuredPartners Transportation experts.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration