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By Jason Wissmiller, 01/17/2020
Accidents happen. That is why you purchase an aircraft insurance policy to cover your aircraft. We hope you will never have to use the policy, but if you experience a situation that leads to damage to your aircraft or bodily injury to others, it will help to understand how the claims process works in the aviation...

By Jeff Beck, 01/14/2020
Workers’ compensation rates have been declining for the past few years on a national level. This is great news for owners and operators as the reduction in rates lead to lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums. However, as the rates decrease, so do the amount of losses that we are expected to...


Personal Injury Protection and Umbrella Coverage
By Ivy Crum,

For the most part, social media is beneficial, as it provides many ways to connect with people, spread awareness and other news.  Unfortunately it has also expanded to new levels, making cyberbullying and other mishaps more common.

Here are some tips to protect you against personal injury claims:

  • Do not post on social media in anger
  • Be cautious with the information you post on social media – would your mother or future employer think your post was acceptable?
  • Add Personal Injury Protection to your homeowners policy
  • Obtain a Personal Umbrella Policy

Add Personal Injury Protection to your homeowner’s insurance policy and add a Personal umbrella policy.  This coverage is not automatically included under the standard homeowner’s insurance policy.  This will cover you against personal injury claims such as slander and defamation of character on social media. With personal umbrella insurance, you are covered beyond your other policies’ limits.

To learn more information about umbrella and personal injury protection, visit AssuredPartners Personal Insurance.